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Maas industrial automation provides both EMS and BMS services. It is one of the leading and best suppliers of both. We have fully qualified and experienced professionals for the installation and repair services of EMS and BMS.

BMS or building management system is used and found in big buildings. It used for controlling the temperature, carbon dioxide levels and humidity inside a building. For larger buildings, monitoring and controlling such environment is vital because of the sheer size and number of people inside it. The purpose of this device is to control the heating and cooling and also the airflow within the building. This helps to monitor and control the room temperature. It also monitors the level of carbon dioxide. In case of excess carbon dioxide, the device increases oxygen level. The system is involved with buildings 40% energy

BMS helps to save about 20% of the total energy of a building. This contributes to 8%of the total energy used by the Unites States.

EMS means Energy Monitoring system. The objective of EMS is to monitor and control energy. This in turn helps to save energy and thus making the operations more efficient. The EMS is comprised of energy meters which are connected to a LAN. The LAN collects and stores information about the energy usage into a database instantaneously. The database then converts it to reports. These are used as daily, weekly and monthly reports by the company. They are also made in to graphical data for monitoring energy usage.