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Logic Controllers

Maas industrial automation provides you with the latest logic controller which is fully reliable and quality oriented. There are various types of logic controllers that our company supplies. Following are some:

Micro plc: - This version of Logic controllers is mainly available in 120V/240VAC or 12V/24VDC. The device specially designed in such a way that it is easy and simple to operate. There are options such as drag and drop, blocks and ladder, etc. The device is used with the help of xLogicSoft software. The new version is an upgrade of the Standard ELC-18 series. It is called as the ELC-18 series. The series has better mix of digital and analogue IQ,Integrated high speed inputs and PWM output, clock with calendars, counters, timers, integrated keypad displays, serial communication and an expansion port.

Low cost plc: - it is one of our best products. It is highly demanded by our clients. It is delivered to clients on their request or orders. The payment should be made within 7 days from order. Any incontinence should be informed. The client details have to be provided for fast delivery. All the functions in this device are easy to operate. The main features of Low cost PLC include 16 legs of speed, inverter control function, RS485 communication port adopting standard international MODBUS main circuit control, Low output ratting torque0.5HZ-150%, low speed running ability, Broad voltage working area, Auto voltage regulation (AVR) technique for ensuring the inverter load capability, control through synchronization and non-synchronization, faster starting without changing brakes, perfect error protection, short circuit starting protection capability, anti-jamming capability, etc

We're the factory direct seller, so can offer the professional technical support for you.

The input required is 1 or 3 phase. The Carrier is adjustable by 16KHZ and is completely soundless. This device has pass ISO9001 quality certification showing its quality and potential.

Plc machine: - plc machines are intended for small machine control and sequential applications. It can be expanded to 100 I/Q using expansion programs with the help of analogue units. The main attributes of our PLC machine include:

  • Special In built port for programming
  • Connection to HMI for custom uses
  • Flash memory for additional storage and easy transfer
  • No battery required for operating
  • Individual digital input filters (1ms to 80ms)
  • High-speed counters
  • 1024 Data registers
  • 128 Timers / Counters
  • Pulse output function