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Robotic Accessories

Maas industrial automation takes robotic projects and also provides services. We provide a whole range of industrial robots that helps in industrial automation and control systems. Our main robotic accessories include robotic devices and robotic vision systems.

Our main robotic devices are gantry robot systems, 6-axis articulated arm robots and custom-designed units. These automate manufacturing at various levels and sections. They help to reduce human effort, labour cost and carry out repetitive works. Implementing robots into the manufacturing facility helps to experience a higher level of productivity and efficiency. We have highly qualified and experienced teams for installation and service of industrial robots. They have carried out numerous installations and repairs in the past with the best results. Maas industrial automation belongs to leader group when it comes to automation services, especially industrial robots. We bring out the best, cheap, efficient, and latest robots for the industry. We promise unbeatable technology and services to our clients.

Robotic vision system is another group of industrial robots from our company. The main objective and work of such robots are to identify individual components and transmit this information to corresponding robot for the purpose of picking up and moving at the appropriate time. This helps to automate the industrial process like sorting and moving of items. The system is designed for acquiring optimum efficiency.

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